M2S Disability Fitness Programs
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Start your journey today!
The M2S Disability Fitness Program by New Persona offers a wide range of services including at home workouts, custom program design even corporate program creation to help you achieve your goals in the timeframe you require.
  • - access high quality health coaches
  • - improve your movement and mobility
  • - enhance your function strength and overall daily performance
  • - be empowered and motivated
Whether you have a disability or not right now you have the power to:
Transforming Individuals Through Movement
Over the last years New Persona has teamed up with families and organizations to bring an innovated health based program to increase engagement for individuals with developmental disabilities. Disability fitness programs fill a need that can help engagement and promote overall health. We've recognized the impact and value of this through our own M2S Disability Fitness Programs.

This all started from a vision.

Movement has been shown to increase health outcomes, promote overall wellness and enhance cognitive performance. Knowledge of this spawned the innovation of the one of a kind M2S Disability Fitness Programs by New Persona. 

Innovating Disability Fitness Programs
Movement is a key component of life. By modifying traditional fitness routines a new framework for disability fitness programs was established through NP. Instructors knowledgeable of the mobility, strength and health concerns are able to develop classes which align with each individual goal. Strength is not limited to ability. People with disability have the ability to engage in programs which support progress and change.

This program has achieved that.

To learn more about our disability fitness programs please complete an application form above!

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